My name is Lena Blonsky [or by my Russian name, Lenochka, as those close to me call me]. I was born in London to parents of Greek and Russian descent, moving to Athens when I was four where I have lived most of my life now except for when I lived in the UK to complete my education. I attended a fashion course at the London School of Fashion and worked for another year at Aquascutum of London before returning to Greece where I, by a stroke of fairy luck, found myself working on cruise ships and traveling the world for the next 9 years!  While traveling the world I studied professional interior design and freelanced on residential projects in Greece when I finally left working on cruise ships, settling down to begin my family.

Parallel to this my creative spirit relentlessly nudged me to dive into the arts where over the course of the years I also applied my designs to hand-knotted rugs, silk scarves and handcrafted cement tiles. Over the course of my creative life, I have also designed websites, logos, posters and other graphics.

Photography has always been a love but one I only took seriously in 2015 when I completed an Advanced Photography Course and was very lucky to receive an incredible gift - a Canon EOS 5d Mark iv! This website serves as my portfolio which you are welcome to browse.

My approach to photography is much like my approach to art where besides the technical skills I most enjoy allowing my intuition to lead me. Although familiar with studio lighting I am more of a natural light photographer, preferring natural settings and lighting to posed and fixed ones. There is an element of surprise in the creative process of photographs, not just in the action of photographing but very much so in the post-processing phase. Photography is a wonderful and beloved tool I use that helps me observe our colourful world in greater detail. 

In my artwork I have explored mixed media art on wood with pyrography, a technique that creates a unique “please touch me” result, as well as other media and now I am enjoying exploring and developing my photography skills and repertoire, which has opened up a whole new and exciting world of creative opportunity. Interestingly I now find that one medium complements the other and adds to the journey and maturing of my creative expression.

Thank you for your interest. Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding my work and I will get back to you at the earliest opportunity.

Lenochka B